Tedbury Camp Quarry is an important geological site that is located in the eastern Mendip Hills, near Frome in . It can be used to demonstrate many aspects of field geology, but is most notable for displaying a spectacular angular unconformity between tilted Carboniferous limestone beds and overlying, sub-horizontal Jurassic strata. This former quarry is freely accessible and sufficiently large to accommodate visiting groups in safety. Despite its importance, Tedbury Camp is not particularly well known. The few published accounts that refer to the site (Duff et al., 1985; Wilson, 1994; Hardy, 1999; Farrant, 2008) are based principally on field notes generated by Charles Copp during the1980s and no new work has been undertaken since then. In an effort to draw attention to Tedbury Camp as an educational resource it has been included in the Earth Science On-Site initiative that provides web-based material for non-specialist Key Stage 2-4 science teachers and their pupils. Building on that foundation, this website provides additional resources that are suitable for teachers, lecturers and students involved with geology at GCSE, A-level or undergraduate level, as well as academic researchers, conservationists and informed members of the public. It includes material that is time-consuming for the occasional visitor to access, detailed descriptions of the site, and a geological synthesis that can be used as a basis for teaching or research.
ESTA gratefully acknowledges the financial assistance of the Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain (PESGB) in launching this project. The quarry and surrounding area is subject to ongoing geological research and I welcome any feedback or questions concerning the site via
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TEDBURY CAMP QUARRY  A geological gem in the Mendip Hills
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