Tedbury Camp Quarry photographs and

‘field sketches’

Digital photography provides a simple and effective way of recording various types of field data. In some respects it can provide a more accurate record than the traditional field sketch, but the value of being able to decipher what is important in terms of field observations may be lost in the detail. Over the last few years software has been developed by Maggie and Peter Williams (ESTA) that enables a field photograph to be converted into a ‘field sketch’, complete with annotation (Williams, 2005). The process takes an original field photograph and allows the interpreter to trace key elements of the image to construct an accurate ‘field sketch’ in as much detail as is required. All of the fundamental observational and interpretative skills demanded by traditional field sketches are required during this transformation. However, the benefits of using digital media are that multiple interpretations can be prepared quickly and easily, scales can be enlarged to show detail, and the results can be easily communicated. Examples are provided in here. The five specific locations are identified on the Tedbury Camp Quarry map (Figure 5), whilst the two panoramic views are self-explanatory. Location 1 Dipping Carboniferous limestone beds Location 2 Detail of unconformable contact Location 3 Fold in Carboniferous limestone beds Location 4 Prominent Jurassic limestone bluff Location 5 Sub-horizontal Jurassic limestone beds Panorama SE Oblique view across quarry floor Panorama NW Correlating the Jurassic limestone beds The fieldsketch/photograph animations are created with PTE AV Studio software. This produces a package that will run on any PC without the original program being present. Download the package (which can be copied onto any PC) and run it. Tedbury fieldsketch program (zipped file) Please download and extract tedbury5.exe which can then be run.
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TEDBURY CAMP QUARRY  A geological gem in the Mendip Hills
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