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Mike Tuke’s

A = activity, D = demonstration, E = experiment, Pa = paper exercise,TE = thought experiment. Should be done as I = individual, P = pair, G = group. min = minutes. F = further information.
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Why use visual aids, demonstrations and activities The advantages of demonstrations and short activities are: 1. Students remember visual information much better than aural. 2. They often help students to understand the Geology more easily because they are in 3D or have moving parts 3. They are a break from chalk and talk 4. They make lessons more interesting 5. They may act as a reminder of things Geological if the visual aid is an action or material students use in their life outside the classroom 6. They enhance the reputation of the teacher because he has made the effort to acquire or make them. There are also two disadvantages: they require storage space and time to make.
Earth Science Activities and Demonstrations