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How to use this website First go to the list of contents to find the page that covers that particular topic that interests you. Or alternatively use the search engine. When you go to that page you will find a selection of ideas for teaching that topic.  Each idea has a title followed by a few lines of text describing the idea and often a photograph.  If there is more detail needed then you click on the further information "F"  symbol Each activity is given a title which should be self explanatory.  The letters on the title line tell you about the idea: Type of idea These are suggestions for use. Many of the activities and some of the experiments could be used as demonstrations. D Demonstration or visual aid. A Activity for students. Pa Paper exercise Calculations or writing only.  No samples, map work or cutting and gluing involved. E Experiment. Usually designed to answer a specific question and often involving two or more variables TE Thought experiment.  Some of these are to get students to think through an experiment but others are just to conjure up a picture in the student’s mind. Number of students I        An activity best done by individual students. P An activity or experiment that is best done by pairs of students but can be done by individuals or less satisfactorily by three students. G To be done by the whole group. Time Min Minutes. The approximate time taken for any activity.  The time is not given for demonstrations but they usual take only a few minutes. Further information F Further information: detailed instructions, diagrams, photographs, worksheets etc. The ideas given can and should be modified to fit your teaching. Some of the ideas require apparatus to be made.  Anyone who is at all handy could make these things.  The size of any of the apparatus can be altered. Any measurements can be changed to fit the materials you have at hand.  Most of the items required, if not available in your lab can be obtained from garden centres, hardware stores or builders merchants. A list of abbreviations is given at the bottom of each page.
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Earth Science Activities and Demonstrations
How to use this website