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About this website This is a website full of ideas for teaching Geology. It contains suggestions for visual aids, demonstrations, short practical activities, real experiments and thought experiments. Most of them take only a few minutes but some of the experiments take up to one hour. Nearly all the visual aids and activities described in this website use materials and equipment that will be found in most science labs or can be acquired cheaply from hardware shops and gardens centres etc. They have been designed for teaching to small groups of students usually less than 20 though I have used some for groups of 85 students.  Many could be adapted for use with larger groups.  All the visual aids and activities described here have been tried and tested on A level students or mature students on Access courses or in evening classes, and some on degree students and on primary children.  Some have been used every year for the past 38 years and all have been used on several occasions. There are ideas for teaching most aspects of geology.  There are many for sedimentology and structural geology because it is easy to devise experiments to illustrate aspects of these subjects but fewer for metamorphic processes because it is difficult to illustrate this subject with simple demonstrations or experiments.
Earth Science Activities and Demonstrations
About this website