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Mike Tuke’s

A = activity, D = demonstration, E = experiment, Pa = paper exercise,TE = thought experiment. Should be done as I = individual, P = pair, G = group. min = minutes. F = further information.
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Trace fossils Is it a body or a trace fossil  G Discuss which of the following, if fossilised, would be body and which trace fossils: fossil teeth, hair, droppings, complete eggs, egg shell, scales, tracks, trails, fin marks, nests, burrows, sloughed skin of a snake, resting mark, grazing mark, teeth marks of an ichthyosaur on an ammonite, hole bored into a bivalve shell by a gastropod to feed on it, moulted carapace of a trilobite. Burrows and bioturbation D Fill a clear jar or better a wormery with distinct layers of soil and silt and put vegetation on top. Add several worms.   First burrows appear but eventually there are so many burrows the layers get completely muddle up.
Earth Science Activities and Demonstrations