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Mike Tuke’s

Thanks To all those teachers who have provided me with ideas for the demonstrations and activities. Thanks are also due to my wife, Jean, who has long accepted the triumph of geology over domestic life and without whose saintliness many of these experiments would not have been developed. She has coped, with only the occasional outburst, with rocks in her freezer, variously coloured liquids in her fridge and experimental apparatus cluttering the kitchen table and units, She has come home to find the sink covered with sand grains and the oven full of aluminium blocks and, even worse, not being able to put her beloved 2CV in the garage because I had taken it over for geology experiments.  I am also indebted to my students who have been guinea pigs and who have made many suggestions for improvements and to Polly whose hands or feet occur in many of the photos.
Earth Science Activities and Demonstrations