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A = activity, D = demonstration, E = experiment, Pa = paper exercise,TE = thought experiment. Should be done as I = individual, P = pair, G = group. min = minutes. F = further information.
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Relevance of Geology  Light bulb D F Use as a diagram to show how 12 different minerals and rocks are used to make a light bulb.    Or use as a display with the light bulb diagram in the centre and samples of the minerals used surrounding it. Other everyday objects D or TE Students are asked to suggest any everyday object and the teacher must say how Geology was involved in their manufacture.  All inorganic materials have been extracted from the earth in their raw form and all plant materials have  used nutrients from the soil which in turn came from the weathering of the rocks below.  They have also used water whose presence is determined by the porosity and permeability of the rocks. Animals eat plants so all animal products also have been effected by Geology.  Even the gases in the air have come from volcanoes or rock weathering.  Students are then asked to draw a diagram showing the origin of a Mars Bar and its contents of chocolate, nuts, milk, sugar, and plastic wrapper. 
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