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A = activity, D = demonstration, E = experiment, Pa = paper exercise,TE = thought experiment. Should be done as I = individual, P = pair, G = group. min = minutes. F = further information.
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Echinoids Ambulacra and interambulacra   D An electric bulb placed inside a large modern Echinus shows up the differences between the ambulacra and interambulacra and shows the outlines of the plates and all the pores as well.       Shape of echinoids  A P F 10 min Students are provided with a group of echinoids and they must fill in a table on the basis of their symmetry, position of mouth and anus and shape of ambulacra. Evolution of Micraster  A P F 30 min Students describe the changes in size, depth of anterior groove, height of anus, position of mouth, size of petals etc between two species of Micraster using either plaster casts or diagrams.
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