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A = activity, D = demonstration, E = experiment, Pa = paper exercise,TE = thought experiment. Should be done as I = individual, P = pair, G = group. min = minutes. F = further information.
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Deposition Jar of sediment D or A I 3 min Coffee jar full of water with sealed top containing a tablespoon of poorly sorted sediment is turned upside down and then back again. Students observe the order in which the grains sink. Flocculation  D  To show how when salt water mixes with muddy water, as in estuaries, it causes the clay to flocculate. Two 200cc measuring cylinders are each filled with muddy water. The muddy water must be made up from distilled water. The mud can be made from cat litter or river mud.   Add salt water to one and mix.  Leave to stand.  Mud in cylinder with salt water will begin to settle within an hour the other will take days. Causes of flocculation  E P F 60 min Students add the chemicals found in sea water to muddy water to see which causes flocculation. Students try out different concentrations of NaCl to see how much is needed for flocculation to occur.
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