G E T T I N G   T H E   M O S T   O U T   O F   F I E L D   S K E T C H E S

Maggie Williams     University of Liverpool, Department of Earth, Ocean & Ecological Sciences 2013 Field Sketches as records Using technical terms Geology & Topography Revision of basic field phenomena
Field Sketches

A geological field sketch is a line drawing of the

geology you see before you.

To do a good field sketch you don't need to be a

great artist.  You do need to be able to see the key

geological features such as beds, contacts and

structures and represent them accurately in your

line drawing.  Remember that a field sketch must

have a scale, a title and that it must be oriented.

Use this package to:

• make sure that you appreciate the sort of detailed

information that goes in to a good field sketch and

• learn (or revise) some basic terms you should

use when labelling a field sketch.

1: index.htm
2: records.htm
3: technical terms.htm
4: geology.htm
5: revision.htm
6: thursshore a.htm
7: thursshore b.htm
8: thursshore c.htm
9: thursshore d.htm
10: mill rd a.htm
11: mill rd b.htm
12: mill rd c.htm
13: mill rd d.htm
14: thursaston hill a.htm
15: thursaston hill b.htm
16: thursaston hill c.htm
17: thursaston hill d.htm
18: howick a.htm
19: howick b.htm
20: howick c.htm
21: howick d.htm
22: hilbre island a.htm
23: hilbre island b.htm
24: hilbre island c.htm
25: hilbre island d.htm
26: roches a.htm
27: roches b.htm
28: roches c.htm
29: roches d.htm
30: wenlock edge a.htm
31: wenlock edge b.htm
32: wenlock edge c.htm
33: wenlock edge d.htm
34: hartland quay a.htm
35: hartland quay b.htm
36: hartland quay c.htm
37: hartland quay d.htm
38: trebeurdon aa.htm
39: trebeurdon ab.htm
40: trebeurdon ac.htm
41: trebeurdon ad.htm
42: trebeurdon ba.htm
43: trebeurdon bb.htm
44: trebeurdon bc.htm
45: trebeurdon bd.htm
46: kerfissien a.htm
47: kerfissien b.htm
48: kerfissien c.htm
49: kerfissien d.htm
50: nant ffrancon a.htm
51: nant ffrancon b.htm
52: nant ffrancon c.htm
53: nant ffrancon d.htm
54: eglwyseg a.htm
55: eglwyseg b.htm
56: eglwyseg c.htm
57: eglwyseg d.htm
58: ingleton a.htm
59: ingleton b.htm
60: ingleton c.htm
61: ingleton d.htm
62: holy island a.htm
63: holy island b.htm
64: holy island c.htm
65: holy island d.htm
66: cyprus a.htm
67: cyprus b.htm
68: cyprus c.htm
69: cyprus d.htm
70: saundersfoot a.htm
71: saundersfoot b.htm
72: saundersfootc.htm
73: saundersfoot d.htm
74: broadhaven a.htm
75: broadhaven b.htm
76: broadhaven c.htm
77: broadhaven d.htm
78: giants causeway a.htm
79: giants causeway b.htm
80: giants causeway c.htm
81: giants causeway d.htm