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Compass clinometer This internet based module explains the operation of the compass clinometer and the uses to which it can be put.
Fieldwork safety This module deals with safety in fieldwork from the student’s point of view.
Rock deformation This module is an introduction to rock deformation and covers stress analysis, finite strain and brittle and ductile deformation.
Earth, Ocean & Ecological Sciences
Minerals This package is a short self-assessment quiz about the physical properties of minerals and some of the places where minerals occur.
Metamorphism This module explains metamorphism and how to identify different metamorphic rocks.
Granite This internet based exercise package is a short self-assessment quiz that explains how to recognise some of the properties of granite.
Materials are marked as suitable for: Undergraduates  ‘A’ level students  GCSE students
Relative time Relative dating is a way of placing rocks and geological events in order of formation in a relative time scale