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Earth, Ocean & Ecological Sciences Field Sketches

A Powerpoint outlining the steps to follow when drawing a

geological field sketch.

There is a pdf document of this PowerPoint available

Folds and Faults

An Authorware package for students to use to test their

understanding of faults and folds.

Download ‘folds and’ and unzip into a new folder.

Open the folder and run: faultsnfolds5.exe

Self Assessment Exercise

This is an Authorware self-testing exercise, which

consists of a series of exercises to help students

understand how to make field sketches and appreciate

how an accurate field sketch can help them to

understand the Geology of an area. It includes a glossary

of terms.

Download the file and unpack it into a folder.

Run fs1.exe from within that folder.

Materials are marked as suitable for: Undergraduates  ‘A’ level students  GCSE students

Getting the most out of field sketches is a web-based

package that shows how field sketches are constructed,

from photograph to sketch and then to label. It is

accompanied by a pdf file of the sketches.

pdf file of sketches